The conference offers opportunities to build relationships with professionals and experts from research, policy and practice across a range of disciplines. This year our conference takes place in Potsdam, Germany, between 25 - 27 September. The theme is 'LIFE COURSES IN COMPARABLE PERSPECTIVE: SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES OF PREDICTORS AND OUTCOMES BETWEEN COUNTRIES, TIMES AND POPULATIONS', with a packed programme, including key-

note presentations from Professor Karl Ulrich Mayer from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany, Professor Marlis

Buchmann from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and Professor Chin Chun Yi from Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

In order to boost the success and impact of the conference we invite you to sponsor for 2019. All sponsors will be recognised on this website, with your logo and electronic flyer made available to all participants. There is the opportunity to sponsor the conference programme, drinks reception and dinner.


• 1 full page advert in conference programme (A4)
• Company logo on front cover of programme
• Access to pre-conference delegate list
• Recognition of sponsorship in conference materials
• 50% discount on delegate registration (up to a max. of 2)
• Electronic flyer on conference website


• Access to pre-conference delegate list
• Recognition of sponsorship at the reception
• 50% discount on delegate registration (up to a max. of 2)
• 1 x place at conference drinks reception and dinner
• Opportunity to display marketing material at the reception
• Electronic flyer on conference website

• Access to pre-conference delegate list
• Recognition of sponsorship at the dinner
• 50% discount on delegate registration (up to a max. of 2)
• 2 x places at drinks reception and dinner
• Company logo on the dinner menus
• Electronic flyer on conference website


Sponsorship Code of Conduct
The Society seeks financial and other kinds of support only for work we believe will further our programme and which reflect our concerns. We do not undertake activities at the behest of others simply because they may provide a source of funding.

The Society insists on the retention of complete editorial control over its work, and does not allow funders to decide the content either of publications or of conferences, seminars and other events. We will be happy to receive helpful suggestions, but the final editorial decisions always rest with us.

Benefits available to funding partners:
The Society is pleased:
· To put partners’ names and logos, prominently but not oversized, on publicity material and associated literature, along with that of the Society and other sponsors.
· To display partners’ names and logos on posters/banners at the conference, along with that of the Society and other sponsors.
· To thank funding partners verbally at the conference and on relevant literature.
· To publicise funding partners’ activities in conference packs, etc.
· The Society does not provide platforms to speakers simply in return for financial support. However, we will allow funding partners to speak in some circumstances where this is appropriate to the content of the event.

Communications Guidelines
In order to ensure that both the Society and the funding partner involved in any project receive greatest value of money, the Society adheres to a set of communication guidelines designed to promote best practice.

The Society undertakes to meet if necessary with the funding partner on a set number of occasions during the course of the project, according to the scale of the project and funding involved. These meetings are designed to be opportunities for the Society and the funding partner to report on progress and to raise ideas, issues or areas of concern.

In order to promote clear communications the Society will supply the funding partner at the start of the relationship with a statement detailing the project timetable and the Society personnel working on it.

Where the timetable changes we will undertake to inform the funding partner of this at the earliest possible opportunity, and to explain the reasons. (We would expect partners to understand that timetables do sometimes change for legitimate reasons, particularly in research and publication projects where outcomes and findings cannot be known at the outset.) The statement aims to ensure that the funding partner is able to speak to an informed member of staff at all points during the working relationship, as well as making clear which member of Society is responsible for which task.


Events Agreement
Although it is unlikely that we will have to change any part of the event, there may be unforeseen circumstances beyond our control which may force us to do this. In the occurrence of cancellation by a speaker we will do as much as possible to find a suitable replacement for any cancellation. However we cannot be held responsible under the terms of an agreement with a funding partner for
the non-appearance of a speaker where this was clearly not under its control. The Society also cannot take responsibility for the content or actions of any speaker at an event.

In the unlikely circumstances that the conference or a particular event therein (e.g dinner, reception etc.) is cancelled due to occurrences beyond the control of the Society, the funding partner would be expected to share responsibility for any non-recoverable outlay that the Society has incurred.


The funding partner’s name and/or logo will appear on all publicity with a lead of one of the following:
‘In association with’; ‘supported by’; or ‘media partner’; the Society cannot compromise its editorial control by allowing a funding partner to appear as a joint contributor in the organisation of any event.

To purchase your sponsorship package please contact:
Cat Westlake
+44 (0)1626 683101