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CONFERENCE EVENTS (Available to book during conference registration)


All events scheduled for Thursday 26th September (early evening), prior to the conference dinner


City Tour By Foot:

Tour number 1: Baroque city center of the royal capital Potsdam. This tour includes the heart of Potsdam and its historical buildings, including the famous Dutch Quarter - Fee 10€

Tour number 2: Friedrich's dream castle on the vineyard - the park of Sanssouci. This tour will guide you through the magnificent Sanssouci Park, including the famous terraces and the vineyard castle - Fee 10€


City Tour By Bus: Getting to know Potsdam by bus – Fee 18€


City Tour By Historical Tram: Getting to know Potsdam by tram – Fee 22€


Potsdam River Boat Cruise: The cruise will take you along the famous Wannsee and on the way you will see Potsdam's skyline and many historical buildings - Fee 19€

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