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Symposium and Individual Paper Sessions

Sessions last 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. Each presenter will have approximately 13 minutes to deliver their talk. This leaves 20-25 minutes towards the end of each session for discussion / Q&A.


All presenters are required to bring their slides on a memory stick with them.


As back-up, presenters are asked to email a copy of their presentation slides by 5th October to 

IT assistance will be on hand over the three days of the conference to help with any technical issues.



Chairs are asked to keep speakers to the allotted presentation time. 2 and 5 minute timecards will be available in each room which can assist with this.

Chairs are asked to open up the floor to questions after all presentations have taken place. Convenors of symposia are also asked to chair their sessions.

Poster session pic.jpg
Poster dimensions.jpg

Poster Presentations
Poster dimensions: 
DIN A0 - 841 mm (width)  x  1189 mm (height).

Posters can be handed over on the morning of Monday 9th October to a member of staff at the registration desk. Posters will be put up for you and will stay on view until lunchtime of Wednesday 11th October.
Please label your poster/poster tube clearly for ease of 

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