The overall topic of the conference focus's on the comparative study of life courses in different nations, different historical times or across subgroups in a population. The aim is to generate and exchange information on comparable data resources with information of early predictors on later outcomes across different domains and across different life stages. There will be a mixture of keynote, poster, individual paper and symposium presentations.


There will also be presentations covering other areas of longitudinal and life course studies: sociological, psychological, epidemiological, economic, social developmental and ageing processes and functioning within and across life course stages; methods and findings of cohort or panel studies and record linkage, household,

and income dynamics; inter-generational transfers and returns to learning; gene environment interactions; ‘mixed’, and comparative methods; innovative methodology in design, measurement, data management, analysis and research practice (quantitative and qualitative).

This year, Keynote presentations will come from Professor Marlis Buchmann, Professor Chin-Chun Yi, and Professor Karl Ulrich Mayer. Click here for further details.