Conference Venue - Campus Griebnitzsee

One of the three locations of the University of Potsdam is located directly next to the S-Bahn station "Griebnitzsee“ and nearby the lake of the same name, Campus Griebnitzsee.


The campus is full of history: the oldest buildings were built at the end of the 19th Century and are now class listed monuments (House 1). Back then it was considered the main camp of the German Red Cross (DRK), and under the National Socialists the DRK-Chairmanship was located here. After 1945, for a short period, the campus was the seat of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany and was then turned into the "Academy of Law and Political Science of the GDR" in 1952.

Today, part of the cafeteria is located in the former casino of the NS officers and the library in the former DRK clothing storage (House 5). Between 2003 and 2007, House 1 was supplemented by an eastern new building with lecture halls and seminar rooms (House 6).

Here in the large foyer you can find the information point where conference registration will take place. Also one of the entrances to the cafeteria is located here.


Interesting to know...

Within the Campus grounds there are three 'Little Red Riding Hood' figures from the Berlin artist group 'Inges Idee' - one at the former entrance of the presidential building of the DRK (House 1), one at the entrance of the newly built House 6, and one in the small forest, between the old and new building. These figures raise admonishingly their finger and those who look closer at them will find the bulges of the skirt and under it the impressions of four paws - but the bad wolf is not to be found! These figures show strong 'warning' symbolism, which is thought-provoking. The figure in front of the former presidential building recalls the cruel past, the figure in the small forest is associated with the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, and the figure in front of House 6 spreads awareness to evil in the present…

To get to the campus:

S-Bahn S7 main station (from Potsdam main station it’s the second stop, or Berlin main station it’s around 35 minto Griebnitzsee). 

RB 21 (train) or RB 22

Bus:  616, 694, 696


Visit for train timetables.